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Elvis Costello and The Roots recorded Wise Up Ghost .

Members include:

Questlove - drums
Captain Kirk Douglas - guitar
James Poyser - electronic keyboard
Frank Knuckles - percussion
Damon Bryson - sousaphone
Mark Kelley - bass
Owen Biddle - bass
Kamal Gray - keyboards
Black Thought - MC

Recorded with Elvis Costello:

Wise Up Ghost(2013)

Performed with Elvis Costello:

2009-11-20, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon
2010-11-05, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon
2012-03-01, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon
2013-03-06, New York - rehearsal for Prince tribute concert
2013-03-07, New York - Prince tribute concert
2013-09-16, New York
2013-09-17, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon
2013-09-19, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon
2013-09-25, New York
2014-03-12, Port Chester, NY
2014-03-15, Las Vegas, NV
2014-03-16, Las Vegas, NV

Covered several Elvis Costello songs:

Performed live on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon
Mystery Dance 2009-08-05 – with Joe Scarborough
High Fidelity 2009-11-20 – with Elvis Costello
(I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea 2009-11-20 – with Elvis Costello
Stations Of The Cross 2010-11-05 – with Elvis Costello & John McLaughlin
Black And White World 2010-11-05 – with Elvis Costello
Everyday I Write The Book 2010-11-24 – played for Fran Lebowitz walk-on
Watching The Detectives 2011-11-02 – played for Taraji P. Henson walk-on
Hoover Factory 2012-10-11 – played for Tina Fey walk-on
Everyday I Write the Book – 2013-01-08 – played for Ian Frazier walk-on
Less Than Zero 2013-01-18 – played for Jessica Chastain walk-on
Accidents Will Happen 2013-05-10 – played for LL Cool J walk-on
Waiting For The End Of The World 2013-07-31 – played for Simon Pegg walk-on
Romeo's Seance 2013-09-17 – played for Orlando Bloom walk-on
Let Them All Talk 2013-09-17 – played for EC's walk-on
Everyday I Write the Book – 2013-09-19 – played for Gillian Flynn walk-on
Clubland 2013-10-02 – played for Paul Giamatti walk-on
How To Be Dumb 2014-11-10 – played for Jeff Daniels walk-on
How To Be Dumb – 2014-11-11 – played for Peter & Bobby Farrelly walk-on
The Comedians 2015-06-16 – played for Billy Crystal walk-on
Watching The Detectives – 2015-06-18 – played for Colin Farrell walk-on
(I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea – 2016-01-19 – played for Chelsea Handler walk-on
Performed live on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Oliver's Army 2017-04-25 – played for John Oliver walk-on
Shabby Doll 2017-06-09 – played for Laurie Metcalf walk-on
Radio, Radio 2019-05-15 – played for Howard Stern walk-on
New Amsterdam 2022-10-07 – played for Mike Myers walk-on

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