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Send us your Revolver Tour photos.

2012-04-25 Hollywood photo 16 rc.jpg 2012-04-17 Los Angeles photo 01 jph.jpg 2011-05-24 New York photo 03 cm.jpg

2012-04-25 Hollywood photo 21 rc.jpg 2011-06-15 Vienna photo 01 cep.jpg

2011-07-16 Charlotte photo 02 jd.jpg 2012-05-23 London photo 37 nh.jpg

Looking for a place to upload your Revolver tour photos? We'd be glad to add them to the wiki. Send us your pics of EC, the band, the Spinning Songbook, the Hammer Of Songs, the Go-Go cage, the venue marquee, plus photos or scans of ticket stubs, flyers, posters, news clippings. Let us know which concert they're from and we'll add them to the concert page. Email submissions to:


If you're planning to live-tweet the setlist, give us a heads up so we can watch for it. Feel free to email live concert pics too. We'll get them posted as soon as we see them.