Flip City

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Flip City circa 1974-75
Melody Maker advertisements.

Members included:

Declan MacManus - vocals, guitar
Steve Hazlehurst - guitar, vocals
Mich Kent - bass
Dickie Faulkner - percussion

Known performances:

1975-01-24, London, The Brecknock
1975-01-29, London, Lord Nelson
1975-02-11, London, Lord Nelson
1975-03-xx, Charlie Gillet Radio Show
1975-04-08, London, Greyhound
1975-06-17, London, Hope And Anchor
1975-06-27, London, Howff
1975-07-18, London, Hope And Anchor
1975-07-25, London, Hope And Anchor
1975-08-21, London, Howff
1975-08-22, London, Howff
1975-08-28, London, Howff
1975-08-29, London, Howff
1975-09-02, London, Greyhound
1975-11-09, London, Red Cow
1975-11-16, London, Red Cow
1975-11-23, London, Red Cow
1975-11-30, London, Red Cow
1975-12-xx, Ewell Technical College
This list may be incomplete.

Repertoire included:

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