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Every Man Has A Woman (1984), Spike, (1989), and The River In Reverse (2006).
Elvis Costello and Allen Toussaint.
Photo by Chris Granger/Times-Picayune.

Songwriter on:

Co-songwriter (with Elvis Costello) on:

Broken Promise Land(2006, The River In Reverse)
International Echo(2006, The River In Reverse)
Six-Fingered Man(2006, The River In Reverse)
The Sharpest Thorn(2006, The River In Reverse)
Where Is The Love(2006, The River In Reverse) (iTunes bonus track)

Co-songwriter (with Elvis Costello and Roy Byrd) on:

Ascension Day(2006, The River In Reverse)

Producer on:

Walking On Thin Ice(1984, Every Man Has A Woman)

Piano on:

Deep Dark Truthful Mirror(1989, Spike)

Piano, backing vocals on:

The River In Reverse(2006)
Hot As A Pistol, Keen As A Blade(2007)

Performed with Elvis Costello:

2006 US Tour
2006-06-06, Late Show With David Letterman
2006-06-10, Green Bay, WI
2006-06-11, Highland Park, IL
2006-06-13, Ann Arbor, MI
2006-06-15, Vienna, VA
2006-06-17, Manchester, TN
2006-06-18, Los Angeles, CA
2006-06-19, Talk Of The Nation
2006-06-20, Oakland, CA
2006-06-21, Saratoga, CA
2006-06-22, Jacksonville, OR
2006-06-24, Aspen, CO
2006-06-25, Woodinville, WA
2006-06-26, Vancouver, BC
2006-06-28, Saint Paul, MN
2006-06-29, Milwaukee, WI
2006-06-30, Columbus, OH
2006-07-03, Montreal, QC
2006-07-04, Montreal, QC
2006-07-05, Hyannis, MA
2006-07-07, Niagara Falls, ON
2006-07-08, Niagara Falls, ON
2006-07-10, New York, NY
2006-07-11, Late Night With Conan O'Brien
2006-07-11, New York, NY
2006-07-12, Boston, MA
2006-07-14, Cuyahoga Falls, OH
2006-07-17, Atlanta, GA
2006-07-18, New Orleans, LA

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