The BibleCode Sundays: Walk Like Kings

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Walk Like Kings
Walk Like Kings album cover.jpg
Studio album by
The BibleCode Sundays
ReleasedSeptember 29, 2017
LabelRYP Recordings

2017 album by The BibleCode Sundays includes "Willie Redmond's Volunteers" featuring Elvis Costello.


TitleWriter(s) Length
1. Running From Our Shadows  Andy Nolan 4:17
2. Fish Hook  Ronan MacManus 3:30
3. Disorganised Crime  Carlton Hunt, Ronan MacManus 3:24
4. America  Enda Mulloy 5:43
5. Night Crossing  Andy Nolan 3:07
6. Hand In Hand  Ronan MacManus 4:01
7. You've Got Me On The Run  Enda Mulloy 3:02
8. Clouds  Carlton Hunt, Enda Mulloy 5:01
9. Walk Like Kings  Ronan MacManus 3:09
10. Laying Me Down  Enda Mulloy 4:05
11. Stand Up And Fight  Ronan MacManus, Paulie Nugent, Scott Westerman 3:40
12. Snow Falling On Fire Escapes  Paulie Nugent, Ronan MacManus 5:11
13. Willie Redmond's Volunteers (feat. Elvis Costello and the MacManus Brothers)Ross MacManus, Ronan MacManus 4:35


  • The BibleCode Sundays
  • Elvis Costello - vocals on "Willie Redmond's Volunteers"
  • Ross MacManus - spoken work on "Willie Redmond's Volunteers"
  • Russell Crowe - vocals on "Hand In Hand"
  • Da Ded Rabbidz - vocals on "Stand Up And Fight"
  • Keelta Higgins - vocals on "Laying Me Down"
  • Brian Kelly - vocals on "Night Crossing"
  • Matt MacManamon - vocals on "Disorganised Crime"
  • Elly O'Keefe - vocals on "America"
  • Lorraine O'Reilly - vocals on "Running From Our Shadows," "Hand In Hand" and "Clouds"

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