3 vhs tapes 80s concerts

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3 vhs tapes 80s concerts

Postby bigdesk287 » Sat Mar 13, 2021 9:01 am

found in the attic, and now for sale:
vhs tapes. the attic is unheated in New England, but probably does not freeze. It does get very hot, maybe 100 degrees F or so
tapes are labeled:
1.Elvis Costello on David Letterman 3/89
2.Elvis Costello at C.W. Post April 1989 date a little blurred, could be some other year
3.Costello Japan

I have no idea of the condition of the tape itself, and do not have equipment to test them. I acquired them in the 90s, and they played fine then. If you want them make me an offer. Preference to someone who takes all 3.
many thanks

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